Off-Road Racer Ricky Johnson Tests Positive for COVID-19

Off-Road Racer Ricky Johnson Tests Positive for COVID-19

Supercross and off-road race legend Ricky Johnson announced he has tested positive for COVID-19. Johnson made a video to his Instagram audience over the weekend saying he is not sure how he got the virus that is currently sweeping the nation. Johnson says he traveled extensively during the beginning of March. He attended a NASCAR race, rode a motorcycle all the way to Daytona, shook hands with people at the Daytona Supercross, then got on airplanes traveling through Orlando and Minneapolis airports. Once he returned, he says he began to feel a little sick, discounting it to the all the travel he had been doing.

“The good news is I am 21 days into it and I am past all of the bad stuff,” says Johnson in the video.

Johnson was tested March 26th, 18 days into being sick. His test came back positive over the weekend. Johnson also says his wife was sick in February and may have already had COVID-19. Today she shows no symptoms.

Ricky Johnson says he got a ton of rest to get better as well as drank green tea, kept himself hydrated, took extra vitamin C, among other supplements and vitamins. Johnson posted additional videos explaining what the virus feels like and what made him feel better.

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