Championship Off Road at Crandon

Championship Off Road at Crandon

Championship Off-Road held their first race at Crandon this weekend. The series which was formed in early 2020 hosted their points rounds Saturday. The race is part of a bigger weekend of events that are held annually in Crandon.

Events kicked off with a private VIP party hosted at Jamey Flannery’s house on the lake. Country recording artist Joe Nichols performed for attendees. The annual parade was held in downtown Crandon.

Sportsman races were held Friday afternoon at the track. Saturday, the Pro racers finally had their chance get on the track. Cole Mamer won in Pro-Light, pretty much checking out in the lead. Chad Rayford found himself in second on the podium.

Truck counts were up this year at Crandon. 19 Pro-2’s showed up to race. There was plenty of the usual door banging and carnage. Jerett Brooks won the top spot on the podium.

Pro-4 was the most eventful race of the day. Jamey Flannery got underneath Bryce Menzies sending him flying in the air in a spectacular crash. A few laps later, Johnny Greaves took the lead away from Kyle Leduc. Greaves lost control just before turn one, flying through the air in a heart-stopping crash. The safety team immediately got to him and it was determined Greaves would be ok. The race finally resumed, and Kyle Leduc took the win.

In the final event of the night, Ultra-4 cars raced as part of their own points series. Bailey Cole sent his car flying into a pond, completely submerging the vehicle. Loren Healy would end up winning the race.