Start Line Moved, Best in the Desert Parker 425 is On

Start Line Moved, Best in the Desert Parker 425 is On

Best in the Desert had to make some last-minute adjustments to the Parker 425 after the Colorado River Indian Tribe closed their land due to COVID-19 concerns. The course was modified including start, finish and main pits, which have all been moved to Shea Road on Bureau of Land Management land. To comply with COVID restrictions, spectators will be charged to park on any BLM land.

β€œWe want to make it very clear to everyone that we take racer and local community health concerns seriously, especially as it affects our partners at the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT),” adds Race Operations Manager Jeff Phillips. β€œWe will be implementing stringent COVID-19 mitigation protocols at the event. This includes following the guidelines established by La Paz County, and the town of Parker. And while neither currently requires masks while in the Town of Parker, we are highly recommending that all Best in The Desert racers, pit crews, sponsors, fans, and staff use masks while in the town of Parker as a display of common courtesy and appreciation for being their guest. In addition, we will be dropping the Time Trials from the program in an effort to minimize contact and minimize time required by the race teams in Parker.”

One-hundred, forty-four vehicles showed up to the pre-fun run that was held Saturday and Sunday.

The Parker 425 gets underway this Friday morning.

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