Road to Crandon Set for Championship Off Road Racers

Road to Crandon Set for Championship Off Road Racers

There is just one more race weekend left in the 2021 for Championship Off Road. It has all come down to a points battle. Jerett Brooks is leading in the coveted Pro-2 class. His closest competitor is Cory Winner. Winner has managed to gain more season points than Keegan Kincaid who looked unstoppable at the beginning of the season. All will need successful finishes at Crandon to lock up the season championship.

Several racers saw a successful weekend at Bark River Raceway in Bark River, Michigan. CJ Greaves swept the weekend in Pro-4. He sits 25 points over Kyle Leduc. Keegan Kincaid secured a Pro-2 win on Saturday but Sunday’s story was all about Jerett Brooks as he earned another podium and stretched out his points lead.

Over in Pro-Lite, Cole Mamer finally saw his first win of the season. Mamer has struggled for several rounds to earn the top spot on the podium. Sunday, Brock Heger fought his way to the front for the victory. Mamer, who started fifth ended up second on the podium at the checkered flag. Heger has a comfortable 60-point lead over Kyle Greaves.

There are still plenty of tight points battles that will need to be hashed out when the series returns to Crandon on Labor Day weekend. DirtSportsWorld will be there to cover all of the action.


Photos: Amanda Fonferek (Proformance Media)

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