Supercross Winning Streak Continues for Eli Tomac

Supercross Winning Streak Continues for Eli Tomac

It seems the new Yamaha package has been the perfect combination for Eli Tomac. Tomac has continued his winning streak with a fifth consecutive victory at Supercross. The latest round was back on the west coast in Seattle, Washington.

Each weekend Tomac has been cool and collected. He doesnโ€™t need to go out and qualify first. When it came to the main, thatโ€™s when he made his move, shooting out of the gate and immediately overtaking the lead. This race, he remained unchallenged.

With the return to the west coast, that meant the first race back for Western Regional 250 class. The riders have had some much-needed time off. Five weeks to be exact. Christian Craig was out front with the holeshot. Michael Mosiman was on his tail finally passing Craig for the lead. The aggressive pass sent Craig to the ground. Mosiman struggled with a bent rear brake rotor. Craig made a move to get back to the front, but Hunter Lawrence was already there. Lawrence went on to win his second victory of the season.

Everyone will get a break as the series takes the weekend off.


Images courtesy of Feld Entertainment

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