Ultra4 Racers Ready for Championship Points Battle at Legends of the Fall

Ultra4 Racers Ready for Championship Points Battle at Legends of the Fall

Ultra4 racers are readying their purpose-built rock buggies for the final race of the Ultra4 season. Championships will be decided at Legends of the Fall, set to take place at the South Lake Grand Lake Recreation area in the Disney/Langley, Oklahoma area October 27th-30th.

Disney is known as a top rock crawling destination in Oklahoma. Disney, named after US Congressman Wesley E. Disney has just over 200 residents. The draw to this location is Grand Lake, hidden below the Pensacola Dam. The area features rock gardens, hill climbs and trails. Within the immediate area there five state parks. Each weekend the area fills up with off-road enthusiasts looking to have a good time. That makes this the perfect venue to host the Ultra4 Legends of the Fall event.

Former KOH King Josh Blyler currently sits atop the national points standings and is looking to stretch out his lead during Legends of the Fall in the premiere 4400 class. Vaughn Gittin Jr from the Fun Haver team is looking to make up a forty-five-point deficit in his rock modified unlimited Ford Bronco. Casey Gilbert is also in the hunt. Rick Lavezzo has the lead in the 4500 Modified class. Vaughn Gittin Jr also has another Bronco he has been campaigning in the 4600-stock class and has only a twelve-point deficit to catch leader Brad Lovell. Bailey Cole also sits third in the standings and is within striking distance of a national championship. Other points leaders include Ryan Taylor in 4800 limited, Paul Wolff in Pro Mod, Joshua Smith in UTV stock and Mark Welch in UTV Open.

The National Rock Racing Association will also hold their championships during the weekend at the Grand Lake venue. All of the race action will be broadcast live on www.midamericaoutdoors.com and Speed Sport will be on site to produce live race recap show with pre and post-race interviews throughout the weekend.

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