ORMHOF Adds 9 New Inductees at Las Vegas Ceremony

ORMHOF Adds 9 New Inductees at Las Vegas Ceremony

The Off-Road Hall of Fame added 9 new inductees to its growing list of Hall of Famers. The annual awards ceremony was held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas owned by Michael Gaughan. Gaughan, an avid off-roader attended the ceremony. The event kicked off with a silent auction to raise money for the Hall of Fame. Board chairman Mark McMillin got the awards started with Bob Bower as the evenings host.

This year’s inductees have extensive backgrounds in motorsports. First up on the list was Randy Anderson. Anderson began his career working for Walker Evans building suspension parts. Lance Clifford, Yokohama’s Vic Curl and Butch Dean also received their induction credentials and award. One of the inductees that is no longer with us is Mike Thomas. Thomas helped grow the Chenowth brand which sold buggies worldwide including the United States military.

Jim Fricker is the only co-driver to ever earn his induction spot on the Hall of Fame. Fricker helped Rod Hall win races for decades. Brad Lovell was also honored. Lovell is just coming off a national championship win in the Ultra4 racing series. Also getting top honors and a spot in the Hall of Fame was Class 11 racer Eric Solorzano. Short course racer Scott Taylor was next up.

Several impact awards were also handed out with recipients including Luke McMillin and Cayden MacCachren. George Hammel was presented with the final award of the night­– the Louis Unser Never Give Up Award.

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