Cooper Webb Wins Tampa Supercross

Cooper Webb Wins Tampa Supercross

Cooper Webb earned his first win of the 2023 Supercross Season at Round 6 in Tampa, Florida. Riders had to deal with sporadic rain throughout the day making track conditions tough. Skies were clear during the main event however.

When the gate dropped, Webb was out front with the holeshot. Chase Sexton immediately moved in front of Webb for the lead. As the race continued, Sexton had a nice gap between the rest of the field. Webb did everything he could to close that gap. A mistake in the whoops section would almost send Webb down, but he recovered and began chasing down Sexton once again. One lap later, Sexton made the same mistake in the whoops and crashed. Webb took advantage and moved to the lead to bring home the victory.

In the Eastern Regional 250 class, Jeremy Martin had the holeshot. Nate Thrasher moved around Martin for the lead. Hunter Lawrence was silently on the move, cutting through the pack. Lawrence got into Mosiman sending the rider down. Lawrence continued on, passing Max Anstie and soon with 5 minutes left on the clock began chasing down Thrasher. On the final lap, the two riders were neck and neck. In the final turn, Lawrence cut in front of Thrasher to take the checkered flag by a millisecond.


Photos: Feld Entertainment

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