Door to Door Racing Excitement Descends on Bark River

Door to Door Racing Excitement Descends on Bark River

Round nine of the Championship Off-Road racing series saw some of the best door to door racing the Bark River track has seen in a long time. Located in the upper peninsula of Michigan in the small township of Bark River, fans packed grandstands to watch racing on the 1.5-mile track. Speeds here reach in excess of 90 miles an hour.

One of the drivers finding some last-minute speed was Ryan Beat in the Pro-2 class. The race started with fifteen trucks on the lead lap. Zach Zakowski led a couple of laps early on before spinning around in a corner. Soon, Keegan Kincaid shot to the lead with heavy pressure from the rest of field. On the very last lap, Kincaid appeared to have a rear tire go flat. In the final corner, Beat shot to the lead, beating Kincaid by half a truck length for the win.

The Pro-4 race was just as exciting. CJ Greaves and Adrian Cenni battled early on. CJ would be forced into the hot pits for a rapid-fire tire change. CJ managed to get back on the lead lap and quickly shot through the field to get back up front.  Next, it was Cenni’s turn to change a flat tire. Cole Mamer moved into the lead until his truck quit, forcing him to pull off the track. CJ regained his lead position and never looked back securing the win.

Brody Eggleston appears to be having a comeback season as he claimed his third win in Championship Off Road Racing. Eggleston wasted no time putting his Pro-Lite into the lead. Eggleston fought off pressure from Madix Bailey, Kyle Greaves and Trey Gibbs. At the checkered flag, Eggleston was estatic with the win.

Other class wins went to Nick Visser in Pro=Spec, Rodney VanEperen in Pro Turbo and Jordan Bernloehr in Pro-Buggy. Bark River will see one more round of racing Sunday.

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