American Outdoor Events Announces National Pro Off-Road Series

American Outdoor Events Announces National Pro Off-Road Series

American Outdoors Events based in Oklahoma is announcing a new National Pro-Series. Headed up by Jason and Gayla Robinett who also own the highly successful Mid America Outdoor off-road park. Robinett’s series will be backed by an advisory panel of high-level industry heavy hitters including Cal Wells, Paul Pfanner, Marty Fiolka, Joe Tripp and Scott Atherton. Each of the board members bring significant contribution from their accomplishments within the motorsports.

The new national series will offer drivers a $1.5 million purse payout along with a comprehensive television package that will be immediately viewable and not behind a paywall. The new series is designed to re-shape the sport of short course off-road racing and bring the focus back on the drivers.

“Today’s announcement represents a historic first in the history of off-road racing, both in terms of size and scope,” explained Jason Robinett. “We have spent nearly a year assembling the very best facilities, events, and management team members to establish a commitment to excellence right from the start. We are anxious to share more details of our inaugural season over the coming months.”

Dates and track locations are expected to be finalized in an announcement at the PRI show in December. Robinett held a preliminary meeting at Mid America Outdoors over the weekend explaining to drivers the series will travel out west for two events before returning to the Midwest to race at Bark River, ERX, Crandon, Wheatland and Oklahoma.

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