American Outdoor Events Announces Regional Short Course Expansion Plan

American Outdoor Events Announces Regional Short Course Expansion Plan

Just days after announcing a new national short course series, American Outdoor Events laid out its plan to support the sportsman racers and unify regional racing around the country. Plans include bringing Great American Shortcourse on the west coast together with the Mid America Racing Group in Oklahoma and MORR Racing in Wisconsin.

Regional purses will total a combined $1 million with a minimum of $300,000 going to each region.

“Grassroots regional racing is the heart and soul of off-road motorsports. Families building cars together, coming to the track, spending time outdoors, and drivers getting seat time to develop their skills are critical to the long-term fun and success of short course racing on all levels” said Jason Robinett, Owner and CEO of American Outdoors Events. “We are proud to continue evolving our support in the growth of Sportsman classes nationally the same way we have been growing regionally with our MAO Racing and MidAmerica Outdoors series the last four years.”

Part of combining the regional series together will include standardizing a rule book. Each regional series will continue with their existing rulebooks for 2024. Regional racers will also join Pro racers in the new series for several events across the country in 2024 at venues such as Bark River, ERX and Crandon.

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