Installing a Jeep Performance Parts JL Wrangler 2-inch Lift

Installing a Jeep Performance Parts JL Wrangler 2-inch Lift

Automotive manufacturers have been supplying upgrades for their vehicles for nearly as long as the automobile has been around. When it comes to the Jeep Wrangler, all bets are off and anything is possible, including OEM approved suspension lifts. Jeep pays attention to their customers and the aftermarket world. They noticed many Wranglers were being taken from the dealer lots and sent directly to an aftermarket shop for upgrades.

Whether it was just to get their hands on some of the extra business, or to make sure the suspension lifts worked properly, or a combination of both, Jeep jumped in with Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) to cover the range. JPP offers bumpers, snorkels, light bars and odd and end accessories. Most notable would be their lift kit options.

Jeep engineers took the time to evaluate the needs and wants of a new JL Wrangler buyer and developed a 2-inch lift kit paired with FOX shocks. The main targets were to allow for a larger tire size, increased articulation and tire-to-ground contact for improved off-road capability, all while keeping good on-road manners.

JPP part number 77072395AD was specifically designed for the 2018-2020 4-Door Wrangler JLs with the 3.6L V6 engine. Other kits are available for the 2.0L 4-cylinder and the JT Gladiator. Each kit is loaded in a custom Jeep-branded wooden crate and comes with four new springs, front lower spring isolators, bump stop extensions, longer anti-sway bar links, new front lower control arms and four FOX shock absorbers.

The FOX shocks included in the kit are a collaborative effort between FOX and Jeep. The FOX brand used their extreme knowledge base to help Jeep get the right valving and lengths for optimal performance out of the 2.5-inch diameter, monotube aluminum bodied shocks. The increased body diameter and aluminum shell help the shocks stay cooler to extend performance life with less fade through use.

The kit is designed for complete electronic stability control compatibility. Additionally, it requires no driveshaft or brake line modifications and is a 100% bolt-on application. Just about any shop or experienced driveway mechanic can do the install. The Jeep does need to have a professional alignment done after the kit is installed. All modifications are done within range of the OE alignment specifications.

We caught up with the guys at OC Motorsports in Costa Mesa, California to follow along during an installation. From beginning to finish, the job went extremely smooth. Everything fit and bolted on just as it should.

The benefits of using a Jeep Performance Parts suspension lift on your JL Wrangler are simple. All the components went through an intense testing for performance, durability and longevity and are held to the same production standards that FCA USA uses on every part and vehicle they produce. Plus you get a really cool reusable Jeep crate.

Stock Wranglers have the classic Jeep feel but are usually lacking. The tires look disproportionate to the rest of the vehicle. Let’s give it a boost!

The first step is to remove the original shocks and anti-sway bar links. Not only do they get replaced, disconnecting them helps give the installer the space they need to remove the coils.

All Jeep Performance Parts lift kits come in a custom reusable wooden crate. Whether is for spare parts storage or a new end table, the Jeep crate is just plain cool.

It is always a good idea to lay out your parts before an install. Doing so allows you to get familiar with the parts and make sure nothing is missing.

With one end of the track bar unbolted, the axle assembly drops low enough for the old coils to be removed and the new taller coils to be installed.

All the parts in the JPP 2-inch JL Lift are a direct bolt on, including the FOX 2.5 monotube aluminum body shocks.

The kit includes new front lower control arms to keep the suspension alignment within spec. The arms are nearly identical, only about 3/16-inch longer. The bushings are also different and appear to allow for more side flex for better articulating movement.

The front control arms bolt into the exact same locations as the original arms. All hardware needs to be properly tightened and torqued to specifications provided by Jeep.

Rear installation works the same as the front. Remove the original shocks and anti-sway bar links, remove the coils, unbolt one end of the track bar and reassemble with the new components.

The Jeep Performance Parts 2-inch JL lift is designed to allow for a 35-inch tar tire. For this vehicle, the customer chose 315/70R17 BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2s wrapped around 17×8.5 Method Matte Black NV wheels.

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