NORRA Postpones Mexican 1000

NORRA is the latest racing organization to postpone their event amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The Mexican 1000 has now been rescheduled for October 3rd-10th of 2020. Organizers consulted with government officials and health experts on both sides of the border on the COVID-19 situation.

In a statement speaking on social distancing, NORRA said “How can you hold the Happiest Race On Earth if you can’t shake hands, hug your friends, rub elbows while solving the mechanical gremlins that surface, or give a kiss on the cheek that foreign competitors are accustomed to? The friendships, socializing, and shared experiences gained along the way are some of the greatest take-a-ways that racers get at NORRA events. Without the parties, and nightly celebrations, it just won’t be the same Mexican 1000 that everyone loves. We would also be very disappointed if some of our more experienced racers were prevented from attending due to health concerns. We have so many Hall of Famers, Icons, and just plain human treasures involved with NORRA that we just can’t do without them. Despite the best minds in the world throwing everything possible at finding solutions to the pandemic, the word that comes up the most is uncertainty. Until we are able to know more about this virus, and everything needed to stay safe, a postponement is the most judicious course of action we can take.

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