Could Off-Road Racing Return in May?

Could Off-Road Racing Return in May?

When can we go racing again? That is the question everyone is asking. Every series has postponed their events amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, San Bernardino County in California began easing some of the stay-at-home restrictions, allowing county parks, golf courses, lakes and hiking trails to reopen.

Mojave Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) has a scheduled race for May 16, 2020. The series is hoping enough of the restrictions will be lifted in the county to hold the McKenzie’s 300. MORE announced they will be making changes to the race to comply with social distancing guidelines. Main pit will be extended to allow for more space between each team. Tech and Registration will be by appointment only and limited to the driver of record and 1 crew member. Paperwork can only be submitted online. Payments will also must be processed online only before the event. The race staging area will be closed. Only 1 pit crew member is allowed in the staging area. The drivers meeting will not be held in-person, instead broadcast over the radio.

MORE says it is closely monitoring the San Bernardino County Health mandates and will provide further updates as the event gets closer. The race itself is largely held on lands management by the BLM which has not restricted access to open deserts during the pandemic.

Glen Helen Raceway also announced the reopening of their motocross tracks. Racing events at the venue are still postponed, but practice days are allowed. There are new restrictions. No spectators, trainers and photographers are permitted. Attendees must wear face protection while on the grounds unless they are wearing a helmet. Attendees must park vehicles 10 feet apart and maintain the mandated 6-foot social distancing. Only 75 people will be allowed into the venue at a time.