BJ Baldwin Involved in Las Vegas Shooting

Baldwin Motorsports President and off-road racer BJ Baldwin was involved in a fatal shooting last week in Las Vegas. According to a press release, Baldwin was finishing a late-night dinner with his girlfriend when 2 men approached them. One of the men pointed a gun at Baldwin’s girlfriend and began to fire. Baldwin’s girlfriend quickly sought cover as BJ returned fire striking the suspect. The second assailant fled the scene. Baldwin and his girlfriend were not injured in the shooting.

The incident occurred on April 22nd around 2am. Baldwin possesses a valid concealed weapon permit and is fully coopering with Las Vegas Metro Police. Metro detectives have told local Las Vegas news stations the fatal shooting appears to be self-defense. Anyone who has followed Baldwin on social media knows he has a vast collection of weapons and trains regularly with them. He reached out to his followers on social media over the weekend thanking everyone for the support.

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