Jason Voss Top Qualifier for Silver State 300

Jason Voss Top Qualifier for Silver State 300

Jason Voss was lightning fast during time trials today for the Best in The Desert Silver State 300. Voss, a Vegas desert racing veteran qualified with a time of 4:09:631. Time trials were held at their usual secret location just north of Las Vegas.

Starting behind Voss for Saturdayโ€™s Silver State 300 race in Alamo, Nevada will be Justin Lofton and Luke McMillin. While Voss gets the clean air, the other trucks were within seconds on the clock.

Sam Berri starts 12th in his single seater with the rest of the 1500 field behind him mixed in with some trick trucks.

Ray Griffith starts out front in the 6100 class with Troy Messer and Kyle Craft following right behind.

Racing for the Best in the Desert Silver State 300 gets underway Saturday morning in Alamo, Nevada, just 95 miles north of Las Vegas. We will have full coverage this weekend.

Full Qualifying results found here:

TT/1500- https://bitd.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/TT-SS300-2020-14-1500-MPH.pdf

6100- https://bitd.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/TT-SS300-2020-6100-MPH.pdf

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