Best in the Desert Reversing Course on Vegas to Reno

Best in the Desert is changing the direction of this year’s Vegas to Reno race­– again. Originally scheduled to start in Reno and finish near Las Vegas, the series has decided to run the course in the traditional direction it has gone for years.

Recent issues with residents in the town of Beatty is forcing BLM to have all race events start or finish at Bonnie Claire.

“The challenges of hosting off-road races the scale of Vegas to Reno continue to rise but Best in The Desert was built on a never say ‘quit’ attitude,” commented Best in The Desert CMO Bryan Folks. “Changing the direction back to its traditional direction was an easy call to make. We can start a point-to-point event practically anywhere, but when it comes to the finish line experience we want it to be special. Racers and fans can expect a long, tough, challenging racecourse, one that is deserving of the title ‘Longest and Largest Single Day Off-Road Race in the U.S.’”

The race will still be 500 miles with several routes previously run in past years.

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