Championship Off Road Hosts Season Opener in Antigo

Championship Off Road Hosts Season Opener in Antigo

Short course season has started for the Championship Off Road Racing Series. The season opener was held at the Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, Wisconsin. The grandstands were packed, and the track was full amid the excitement of a new season.

The wildest race of the weekend was the Pro-2 class. A record twenty trucks took to the track. When you have that many trucks jockeying for positions there is bound to be crashes and pile-ups. That’s exactly what happened. Multiple cautions both days with body panels and other parts flying everywhere kept drivers on their toes and the safety crews alert. When the dust settled Keegan Kincaid came away with a weekend sweep setting the tone for the season that he was ready to do serious battle with the field.

In Pro-Lite, Brock Heger was another driver that came away with a weekend sweep. Saturday’s Round 1 saw Madix Bailey and Kyle Greaves on the podium with him. In Sunday’s Round 2, Cole Mamer made it to the podium in second place with Kyle Greaves taking another third place. Greaves flipped his truck in one of the turns with just a couple laps to go, but miraculously landed on all four wheels and kept going without losing a position.

The drivers in Pro-4 had a rough go, but in the end CJ Greaves also joined the weekend sweep club. Doug Mittag and Andrew Carlson were on the podium in Round 1. When the race started in Round 2, Kyle Leduc was out front running and checking out. Halfway through the race, Leduc found himself holding off CJ. They went side by side off two jumps and into the corner as CJ did everything he could to get in front of Leduc. When they reached the rhythm section, the transmission let go in Leduc’s truck, sadly ending his run. As other trucks tangled on the track in the later laps, Adrian Cenni and Doug Mittag joined CJ on the podium.

CJ Greaves also swept the weekend in the Pro Stock side-by-side class. Andrew Carlson won Pro-Mod round 1 and Kyle Chaney won round 2.