Team USA Pulls Out of Motocross of Nations

Team USA Pulls Out of Motocross of Nations

The American Motorcyclist Association has announced the United Sates team will not participate in the Motocross of Nations this year. The decision was made as ongoing COVID mitigation efforts and travel restrictions presented logistical challenges for the team.

“A number of issues have contributed to the logistical difficulty of attending the 2021 Motocross of Nations, on both an individual and team level, and these have been exacerbated greatly by current and expected COVID-19 mitigation efforts surrounding the event,” said AMA Director of Racing Mike Pelletier. “Due to the sizeable financial risk faced by all the team stakeholders, and the unknowns in play here, we came to the unanimous conclusion that suspending our participation was the responsible decision.”

The US team is an all-time leader in the FIM sanctioned Motocross of Nations. The event will be held September 25-26th in Mantova, Italy. The team plans on resuming competition in the event next year.


Photo: Jeff Kardas