A Perfect Storm of Scenarios Decides Season Championship Winners at Crandon

A Perfect Storm of Scenarios Decides Season Championship Winners at Crandon

Saturday’s Pro races at Crandon International Raceway were the deciding factor in who locked up the points championship in the Championship Off Road Racing Series. There were several scenarios that had to play out for some of the drivers to clinch the title.

The Pro-2 class was the major one. Jerett Brooks had a seventeen-point lead over Corey Winner coming into Crandon. Brooks needed to finish 8th or better to clinch the title. Winner needed 9 spots, plus a finish no more than three spots behind Keegan Kincaid. Little did anyone know; a perfect storm was brewing. Kincaid was out front leading the field for several laps. Jerett Brooks was third, battling with Corey Winner. Then the unthinkable happened creating a perfect storm of scenarios. A power steering belt snapped shutting his race down. He stalled in blind corner causing several trucks to crash into him. When the race restarted, Kincaid continued to lead the race keeping Winner just out of reach of the podium. When the dust settled, Kincaid won the Championship by one point, Winner lost by 1 point and oddly enough, Brooks also lost by 1 point.

Over in Pro-4, Kyle Leduc would pull off the track early ending his hopes for a championship. CJ Greaves had the point lead coming into this weekend. He played it extremely safe staying out of trouble on the track while Johnny Greaves went full throttle for the lead and the race win.

The ProLite championship was already decided before racing even began. Brock Heger locked clinched the series in Bark River. Heger’s day continued to get better as he also clinched a Pro Stock side-by-side championship besting CJ Greaves. Cole Mamer secured his second win of the season at Crandon.


Michael Meister won the Superbuggy Championship. Andrew Carlson came into Crandon third winning the championship over the father son team of Rodney an Owen Van Eperen.

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