Loren Healy Wins Under the Lights at the Ultra4 Crandon Classic

Loren Healy Wins Under the Lights at the Ultra4 Crandon Classic

Ultra4 racers are used to going fast. The Crandon short course track is one of those epic extremely fast tracks that many dream of racing on. The Crandon Classic served as the points finale between the East and North Series for Ultra4. Several drivers participated in the event just because they wanted the opportunity to race at Crandon.

The race was held under the lights with a special rock section in the back of the woods. Hundreds of fans stayed into the night to watch the purpose built 4400 rock buggies hang it all out. New to the format this year was the opportunity for UTV’s and Every Man Challenge Vehicles to participate in the race. Being a final points race, made things exciting for the drivers.

Loren Healy was the fastest all night in his custom Bronco-like Ultra4 car. Behind Healy, Rusty Blyler and Christopher Branton battled for the second and third podium spots. Over in the Everyman Challenge class, there were three separate winners that included Justin Hall in 4500, Jeremy Purick in 4600 and Casey Gilbert in the 4800 Ultra4 legends vehicle.

The final race of the season will be the Ultra4 Nationals in Davis, Oklahoma October 15th.

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