Legacy Racing Hosts Two Day Battleground Event at Primm

Legacy Racing Hosts Two Day Battleground Event at Primm

Legacy Racing hosted a two-day event with five heats each day in Primm. The 9-mile course was set behind the Buffalo Bills and Primm Valley Resort Casinos. Racers had to run eight laps around the course.

Racing got started early Saturday morning, just after daybreak. Jack Olliges was in a tight battle with Christian Strobel for the lead in the UTV Stock Class. With just one lap to go, Strobel ran out of fuel. Olliges took the win with Kaden Wells finishing second. Wells still won in his class- UTV Naturally Aspirated. Olliges also won the second day of racing earning the overall for the weekend. Ryan Piplic dominated the UTV Turbo Class.

The 6100 class saw a stacked field of trucks. Travis Williams finished on top Day 1. On the second day, Brent Fox saw the podium. The overall class win went to Brent Fox. Connor McMullen was also in the same heat racing a 6200 buggy. He stayed out front of the entire field both days.

In the Unlimited classes, Eric Hustead lead the field both days for the overall win. Brandon Bailey locked up the points championship in the Class 1 early. All he needed to do was start the event on Saturday.  Other overall finishers included Mike Coulter in Class 10 and Josh Cobb in Trophy Lite.

The final Legacy racing event of the season will be held in Cedar City, Utah on November 5th and 6th. The event will be open to Quads, UTV’s and Motorcycles.

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