Polaris Launches All-New RZR Pro R

Polaris Launches All-New RZR Pro R

Another Polaris RZR is joining the extensive side-by-side line-up. The RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R was just released by Polaris. The Turbo R model replaces the much-loved Turbo S. The new machines are the most capable in the Polaris line-up.

Here is what is new: First up, Polaris upped the power on the new model. The Pro R features a naturally aspirated 2.0 liter four-cylinder Pro Star Fury engine churning out 225 horsepower. The side-by-side can travel at speeds up to 90 miles-per-hour. The Turbo R has a turbocharged liquid cooled twin cylinder fuel injected engine delivering 181 horsepower.

The chassis has been strengthened with an even beefier roll-cage. The cage is now one piece fully welded with 2-inch tubing. The a-arms have been strengthened even more. Pro R and Turbo R have a stance of 74 inches. The Dynamix DV system utilizes input from the vehicle and terrain its traveling on to continuously optimize rebound and compression damping.

Polaris stepped up the game with user selectable throttle modes controlled right on the dash. There are four modes that include Sport, Rock and Race. A new dual path clutch cooling system helps belts live a longer life. The belt is larger. A torque limiter helps prevent engine surges. The Pro R and Turbo also have a new rear-gear case and all-new front drive system along with new driveline.

“RZR Pro R and Turbo R are dynamic, powerful reminders that innovation, superior performance and quality begin and end with Polaris. We’re committed to continually leading the way,” said Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Off-Road.  “The reality is, passionate off-roaders are reinforcing their stock chassis and suspension, often spending thousands of dollars to make their machines stronger. RZR Pro R and Turbo R bring that next-level strength straight off the showroom floor.”

All models will be available early 2022. MSRP on the RZR Pro R starts at $31,399. RZR Pro R4 starts at $35,999. Turbo models start at $25,999 for the two-seater and $29,000 for the four-seater.