Dakar Rally Stage 6 Shortened for Bike Classes

Dakar Rally Stage 6 Shortened for Bike Classes

The bike class was supposed to traverse the same route the four-wheeled vehicles used during stage five. It was quickly realized there was much more damage to the terrain than organizers expected, and organizers cut the stage short, reducing it to a quarter of its total length. Stage times were taken from the first refuel point. โ€œThe deterioration of the track due to the passage of cars and trucks yesterday, combined with recent torrential rains, has made the route impassable,โ€ announced the ASO mid-stage.

Daniel Sanders claimed the win in Stage Six with his teammate Sam Sunderland finishing second, giving GasGas a one-two punch. Sunderland has the overall ranking at the halfway point in the Rally.

Seth Quintero continued his winning streak for the Red Bull Junior team in the Light Prototype class.

In the car class, Orlando Terranova got the stage win. Nassar Al-Attiyah continues to lead the overall rankings. Tomorrow will be a much-needed rest day for the competitors.