Kawasaki Introduces New Line of Performance Oils

Kawasaki Introduces New Line of Performance Oils

Kawasaki has a new line of performance oils. The new formulations offer greater and improved performance for Kawasaki’s line of powersports products. The all-new motorcycle blend with the KPO 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil has been optimized for performance. The blend uses the highest quality base oils and patented cutting-edge dual friction technologies.

Motorcycle engines run at hotter temperatures with higher RPM’s and that is exactly what this oil blend was designed for. It also reduces engine friction and produces high clutch friction. The end result provides the rider with excellent clutch and shift feel.

Kawasaki also has a full synthetic and semi 4-stroke engine oil available for motorcycles. If racing is your thing, Kawasaki has a KPO semi-synthetic 2-stroke racing oil for superior performance in harsh racing environments. The high-performance oil protects engines from deposits, hot spots and corrosion.

If you own a Kawasaki UTV or ATV, there is a specific semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil available to provide maximum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. Similar to the full synthetic, this oil is recommended for both gas and diesel engines.

The new oil blends will be available from Kawasaki dealerships this spring.

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