Extreme E to Launch Global Hydrogen Championship

Extreme E to Launch Global Hydrogen Championship

A global hydrogen championship will be coming to Extreme E in 2024. The series will be called Extreme H. Vehicles will race in the same days and locations with the same format as the existing Extreme E series.

β€œTogether with the current Extreme E Teams we will decide in the coming months the best way to integrate the Hydrogen powered cars into the racing weekend. Two separate categories, full transition to Hydrogen or joint racing are all options on the table,” said Extreme E founder Alejandro Agag.

The Extreme H car will have the same powertrain and chassis as the Extreme E vehicles. The difference is the Extreme H car will have a hydrogen fuel cell that replaces the battery as the principal energy source. The series currently uses green hydrogen sources that use a combination of solar and water behind the scenes.

A prototype vehicle is expected to be released next year.

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