Jett Lawrence Extends Winning Streak; Deegan Captures Career Victory

Jett Lawrence Extends Winning Streak; Deegan Captures Career Victory

Jett Lawrence remains unbeaten in the Pro Motocross series with five overall wins in the 450 class. Meantime, over in the 250 class, Haiden Deegan secured in his first overall career for the Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing team. Round five was hosted at the famed Red Bud Motocross Park in Buchannan, Michigan. Red Bud celebrates its 50th anniversary of motocross racing this year.

When the gate dropped in Moto one for the 450 class, Jett Lawrence wasted no time grabbing the holeshot. Jett dropped the hammer on the first lap pulling away from the rest of the field. Lawrence went on to win the moto with Chase Sexton and Dylan Ferrandis rounding out the podium in second and third. In the second moto, Jett repeated his holeshot performance as Ty Masterpool and Ferrandis batted for second. Jett’s lead continued to grow as it had in the first moto. Sexton went down trying to gain second place from Ferrandis. It would take the final minutes of the moto for Sexton to catch Ferrandis as the two battled again for second place. Jett won the moto with Ferrandis in second, Sexton third.

Over in the first moto of the 250 class, Hunter Lawrence had the holeshot. Hunter was chased down by Haiden Deegan for most of the moto. Hunter went on to win moto one. Moto two would be an entirely different story. Deegan secured the holeshot. Levi Kitchen quickly moved to the lead. In a turn of events, Hunter went down after being collected in a multi-rider incident. Hunter was taken off the track to receive medical attention, shutting down any hopes of a win. With Kitchen out front, Deegan went on the attack. Tom Vialle and Deegan began a fierce battle for position, but the clock would soon run out. Kitchen took the win, Vialle second and Deegan third. With Hunter out of contention, Deegan was scored in the overall position earning is first overall career win in the class.

Images courtesy of Align Media

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