Championship Off Road Points Chase Hits Mid-Season

Championship Off Road Points Chase Hits Mid-Season

The Championship Off-Road Racing Series has hit a halfway point in the season and the points chase remains extremely tight in most classes. Coming off the last round at Dirt City in Lena, Wisconsin over the weekend, consistent podiums were extremely critical for drivers.

The Pro-4 battle between Jimmy Henderson and CJ Greaves has been nothing short of epic. Both have battled door-to-door all season long. In Saturday’s round, CJ claimed the top spot on the podium. Sunday’s race saw CJ spending the entire time trying to catch Henderson with no way to pass him. Henderson grabbed a much-needed victory. CJ is only nineteen points ahead of Henderson going into the next rounds of racing at Bark River.

Cory Winner brought home his first win of the season on Saturday, which just happened to be his birthday. Sunday, all of the accolades went to Mickey Thomas. Winner has been consistent on the podium so far this season and sits just one single point ahead of Thomas. Ryan Beat is also seven points behind Thomas. The three will be locked in a tight battle all the way to the end of the season.

The Pro-Lite class saw Brody Eggleston take home a Saturday win. Normally this class is one for Kyle Greaves to shine but contact with a tractor tire off the track would end his race. Sunday, Kyle was back on it with a win. Kyle only has a fifteen-point lead over Trey Gibbs.

Chad Rayford is the points leader in the Pro-Spec class. Nick Visser claimed the win on Saturday after Rayford hit a rut, putting the truck in bicycle mode. Rayford returned to victory Sunday holding off hard charges by Visser and Gray Leadbetter.

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