Newly Crowned Champion Jett Lawrence Remains Undefeated

Newly Crowned Champion Jett Lawrence Remains Undefeated

It was another weekend of Pro Motocross at Budd’s Creek in Southern Maryland. Jett Lawrence continued his perfect season with ten consecutive overall wins. Jett swept both motos once again.

In the first 450 moto, Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the holeshot. Soon Aaron Plessinger made his way out front. It wasn’t long before Jett appeared, putting pressure on Plessinger. Jett continued to quickly close the gap making a pass for the lead and gaining control of the moto and soon the win. In the second moto, Jett gabbed the holeshot and never looked back. Chase Sexton came within striking distance but was never able to get around Jett. The newly crowned champ went undefeated once again.

In the 250-opening moto, Jo Shimoda had the holeshot. A red flag for a downed rider would change the line-up of most of the field. On the second gate drop, Tom Vialle and Haiden Deegan made contact. Deegan went down. Jalek Swoll took the lead. Justin Cooper pushed past Swoll for the lead. Hunter Lawrence was soon chasing Cooper down for the lead but was unable to get around. Cooper came away with his third moto win of the season. In the second moto, Austin Forkner was out front with the holeshot. Hunter took advantage of a mistake Forkner made on the opening lap and grabbed the lead. Cooper was running in second chasing down Hunter. Cooper was never able to get around Hunter who won the moto. Both Hunter with a 2-1 finish and Cooper with a 1-2 finish left both riders tied for the overall. Hunter sits atop the points standings going into the next round.

Images courtesy of Align Media

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