Jessi Combs Foundation to Sponsor Amber Turner at King of the Hammers

Through a partnership with Ultra-4 racing, the Jessi Combs Foundation will select a participant every year to sponsor at the event. This year’s sponsored participant is Amber Turner.

Amber Turner started out as a volunteer for the Ultra-4 series. She began racing in 2020 in the 4600-stock class in the Everyman Challenge.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized by The Jessi Combs Foundation to help further Jessi’s dream of empowering women. This year I hope to bring car #468 across the finish line and prove that the underdog, a Suzuki Samurai, can successfully run the world’s hardest single day off-road race,” said Amber Turner

Turner grew up watching Jessi Combs race. Turner like the fact Combs could do it all and was always trying to empower women to follow their dreams.

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