Trystan Hart Takes King of the Motos Victory

Trystan Hart Takes King of the Motos Victory

Ninety-Five motorcycle riders attempted to conquer this year’s King of the Motos race, part of the King of the Hammers week events in Johnson Valley. The moto event, much like the main 4400 is no easy feat. There are fast desert sections and plenty of rock waterfalls to go up and down.

The moto riders faced Hammer trail obstacles going up Jackhammer, Wrecking Ball and down Jack North. The riders started with a six-mile prologue taking them near Chocolate Thunder. The event continued in the afternoon with a 14-mile route.

When it was all over Trystan Hart was the top finisher. Hart finished second during the 2020 edition of King of the Motos.

“What makes this race special is not just the purse, but the live coverage with helicopters following us – it is like a city in the middle of the desert out here, and it is really cool,” Trystan Hart shared at the finish line.  When asked what had changed from previous years the 24-year-old candidly replied “I guess I am older now.  I have matured.  I was only like 19 when I first raced here.”

Other finishers included:

2 – Colton Haaker
3 – Cody Webb
4 – Taylor Robert
5 – Cory Graffunder

Images Courtesy of King of the Hammers

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