NORRA Runs Successful “Northern” Mexican 1000

Government mandates forced NORRA to keep this year’s Rally in Northern Baja. That did not stop organizers from putting together a fun fast course for all competitors. Typically, the race goes 1000 miles down the Baja peninsula, ending with a big party in San Jose Del Cabo.

After registration and contingency was held at the famous Horsepower Ranch, the rally started in Santo Thomas, winding its way through the hills towards the Mike’s Sky Ranch Loop eventually ending for the night in San Felipe. The next day vehicles took off towards Bahia De Los Angeles for some fun, fast sections along the sea of Cortez passing Puertocitos and Gonzaga Bay. The following day, vehicles launched out of Bahia De Los Angeles looping down towards Jesus Maria and turning back towards the start point. The race then headed back to San Felipe for another night. The final day was the easiest with a race towards Horsepower Ranch for a finish.

Official results can be found here:

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