Chevy Brings Beast to SEMA

Chevy Brings Beast to SEMA

The Chevy Beast concept is based around a modified Silverado chassis. Chevrolet is bringing this unique four-door vehicle to the SEMA show this week. The “Beast” takes the capability of Chevrolet Performance to the next level.

Designers and Engineers at Chevrolet started with a short-bed Silverado and heavily modified it. The frame was shortened even more and a 4130 chromoly tube frame structure was added for safety. Engineers built a long travel five link rear suspension for the Beast. The chassis was also widened for stable handling and driver control in off-road driving situations.

“There’s nothing else like The Chevy Beast,” says Jeff Trush, GM program manager, Pace Car and Specialty Show Vehicles. “It delivers a ton of performance and capability, which makes it adept at conquering rough terrain — and it flat-out flies in desert running.”

The Beast has a Chevrolet Performance LT4 crate engine with a supercharged V8 rated for 65 horsepower. Thirty-seven-inch tires are mounted to 20-inch beadlock wheels. The Beast also got a big brake kit upgrade from Chevrolet Performance. Inside there are a pair of 7-inch diagonal screens that monitor vehicle functions and performance. The Beast has Baja Designs LED lights, a couple of spare tires in the bed and a custom front grille.

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