Polaris Unveils Electric Ranger

Polaris Unveils Electric Ranger

The Ranger XP Kinetic is here. Kinetic is the newest all-electric powertrain UTV from Polaris. The UTV was built with electric technology from Polaris’ partnership with Zero Motorcycles.

The electric powertrain has instantaneous torque and precise control towing heavy loads. The drivetrain features fewer moving parts which translates to lower maintenance costs. The quiet electric power train also allows for conversation with family and friends along with a quiet operation. Another advantage is a stealthy entry and exit to hunting spots.

“Time and again, Polaris has demonstrated our commitment to rider-driven innovation, delivering what our riders need and want, going beyond what they imagined was possible,” said Mike Speetzen, CEO of Polaris. “Building on this rich legacy, we continue our relentless pursuit to create unmatched riding experiences and are partnering with Zero Motorcycles® to harness the incredible capabilities of electric for our customers. The new RANGER XP Kinetic is a powerful example of this.”

The Ranger Kinetic is available as a 3-seat model and comes in both Premium and Ultimate trim levels. The Premium trim has a 14.9 kWh lithium-ion battery which has an estimated range of 45 miles. The Ultimate trim has an 80-mile range with a 29.8 kWh battery. Retail for Ranger XP Kinetic starts at $24,999.

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