Dan Fresh Continues Hammers Winning Streak

Dan Fresh Continues Hammers Winning Streak

Dan Fresh added another Every Man Challenge win to his King of the Hammers record. In 2018 he secured in the overall win in the 4500 class. In 2020 and 2021, Fresh took back to back 4500 class wins. This year, Fresh entered in the Legends class which proved to be a huge success. Finishing behind Fresh was Toby Stacy. Stacy had never even seen some of the Hammer trails before the race.

Four classes race in the Every Man Challenge at King of the Hammers. Legends vehicles are only allowed a single shock per corner. Modified vehicles get two shocks per corner. The stock class is the most restrictive, only allowing for minimal modifications to the vehicle. A new EV class was added for electric vehicles. Kyle Seggelin was the sole entry in that class and he did not finish the race.

The stock class was dominated by the Ford Bronco. Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy who shared driving duties made it to the podium in first place. Normally both Gittin Jr and Healy compete against each other in the main King of the Hammers event in separate identical Bronco built vehicles.

John Matthews brought home his first King of the Hammers victory in the 4500 class. Matthews has been trying to achieve victory for six years.

Images courtesy King of the Hammers

Lead Image- LaChelle Halliday

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