Spring Brush Run Kicks Off First of Two Weekends this Season at Crandon

Spring Brush Run Kicks Off First of Two Weekends this Season at Crandon

Championship Off Road Racing hosted Rounds 3 & 4 of short course racing at the historic Crandon International Raceway. In true Crandon, Wisconsin fashion, mother nature always has to make her presence known with a little rain. Once that cleared, it was time to get down to the business of racing.

RJ Anderson is one of those successful racers who just shows up on the Crandon weekends Anderson secured a win during Saturday’s Round 3 Pro-4 race. Just a little reminder to the fans that he is still around and very competitive. Another racer who has countless wins and many miles around Crandon International Raceway is Johnny Greaves. Greaves joined Anderson on the podium in second place with Jimmy Henderson rounding out third. Sunday was a much different story with CJ Greaves taking the win, Henderson moving up a spot to second and Cenni finishing third.

In Pro-2, Crandon’s land rush start afforded Keegan Kincaid the holeshot. As the laps ticked away, Cory Winner put a massive amount of pressure on Kincaid. With just a few laps to go, Winner made a door-to-door pass on Kincaid. Winner still had to fight off Jerett Brooks who by the end of the race had closed the gap on Winner’s lead. Ryan Beat was also in the mix and managed a second-place finish with Brooks third. On Sunday, the battle was cemented between Mickey Thomas and Jerett Brooks. Thomas took the victory, Brooks finished second and Winner was back on the podium, this time in third.

Over in the Pro-Lite class, Kyle Greaves was out front with the holeshot and spent the rest of the race keeping the field behind him. Greaves even had some late pressure from Brock Heger, but it was not enough as Greaves cruised to victory. Sunday, the story shifted to Christopher Polvoorde. Polvoorde missed the opening rounds at Antigo because he was in Baja desert racing. Polvoorde made a statement grabbing the win with Kyle Greaves and Carson Parrish on the podium

Photos: Amanda Fonferek/Proformance Media