Volcon Debuts All-Wheel Drive, Fully Electric UTV

Volcon Debuts All-Wheel Drive, Fully Electric UTV

The Stag­– a fully electric UTV from Volcon is entering the market. Volcon joins a growing list of manufacturers who have committed to building electric vehicles.

The Stag features 125-horsepower and 265-lb-ft of torque. It has selectable driving modes along with optional paddle shifters that feature an overboost mode. Modes include Sport, which provides an aggressive throttle response for quicker acceleration. There are also 4-wheel drive modes such as crawl. The vehicle will move slowly forward without use of the throttle. The Stag can also tow, and its maximum speed can be restricted to help build torque. An onboard 7.2kw charger will give the Stag a full charge in 6-hours.

“We envisioned the Volcon Stag to be the most cutting-edge off-road vehicle in its class. Utilizing the latest EV drivetrain technologies and keeping our focus on performance and user experience have led us to launch what we believe is a UTV that will provide an experience unmatched by any other UTV in its class,” said Jordan Davis, Volcon CEO. “We believe the near-silent drivetrain, class-leading horsepower and torque, and an amazing driver interface are going to revolutionize the powersports industry.

Pre-orders for the Stag are now available. Deliveries will begin Summer of 2023 at cost of $39,999 MSRP.