Jett Lawrence Wins SuperMotocross Season Championship

Jett Lawrence Wins SuperMotocross Season Championship

The SuperMotocross World Championship Finals were held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Friday night. The inaugural race format allowed riders to earn points throughout the year at both the Supercross and Pro Motocross series. Riders then had to compete in three final events held across three weekends with the final at the Coliseum. Jett Lawrence cruised to the overall finish with a hard fought 1-1 victory and million-dollar bonus.

In the first 450 moto, riders were shut down just as quickly as they started after Justin Barcia crashed causing a red flag. The race resumed with a staggered start and 16-minutes on the clock. Ken Roczen shot to the lead passing Jason Anderson. Behind them, Jett was making major moves to get to the front. Using the quad jump to his advantage, Jett shot to the lead while Roczen did everything he could to close the gap on Jett. At the checkered it was Jett who claimed the much-needed win. In the second moto, Chase Sexton grabbed the holeshot. It wasn’t long before Jett was running in third and making passes. Sexton continued to lead until crashing in a sand section taking him out of the race. Jett took over the lead with Roczen chasing him down as he did in the first moto. Roczen was unable to get around Jett by the time the checkered flag flew. Jett had banked enough points and the overall win for the big victory and bonus monies.

In the 250 class, Jalek Swoll grabbed the holeshot. Jordon Smith pushed past several riders to take over the lead. Behind Smith, Haiden Deegan Tom Vialle were battling for the lead. Intense battles for second and third continued with Smith holding on for the win. In the second 250 moto, Deegan was away with the holeshot. Levi Kitchen quickly took over the lead and never looked back. When the points were tallied, Deegan had enough points for the overall and a historic inaugural win with five points over Jo Shimoda.

Photos courtesy of Feld Entertainment

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