Brad Lovell Wins King of The Hammers Every Man Challenge by Seconds

Brad Lovell Wins King of The Hammers Every Man Challenge by Seconds

Twenty-nine seconds separated the two top podium spots in the 4800 Legends class at the 2020 King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge race. Brad Lovell edged out Seth Van Dyke for the win. The win was a little redemption for Lovell who was in the same situation in 2010, getting beat by Loren Healy by a mere 28 seconds. Every second counts in racing which includes driving smart and not wasting time in the rocks.

“I was worried there weren’t going to be enough rocks for us this year! Because this is fast in the rocks, but it’s not all that fast in the desert. We bunched up with all 4 of these cars out here on Spooners, and we got out in the desert and I figured I gotta run this thing for all it’s worth, and just killed it, but we made it in,” said Lovell at the finish line.

The Lovell brothers have been racing the same Ford Ranger for the last decade and it shows they have not lost their touch. The brothers can run the Hammer trails in their sleep.

The Legends class was created for the exact vehicle the Lovells race. Every year, the cost of a winning KOH car goes up as new technology, suspension design and motor packages are added. The Every Man Challenge celebrates those who just can’t keep up with the new evolution. The racers and vehicles in the EMC may not be as competitive as those in the big 4400 KOH event, but they still have a passion for racing the Hammers.

Dan Fresh was the winner in the Modified Class. Requirements include starting with a production-based vehicle, partial frame, mechanical steering and 37-inch DOT approved tires. The 4600 class is the most restrictive of Everyman Challenge. Honors there went to Jesse Haines. Haines raced a diesel Mahindra Roxor.

King of the Hammers event week has reached the halfway point with the T1 Desert Invitational, Main KOH race and King of the Motos events remaining. DirtSports World will have coverage from Hammertown. Full race results are available here:

Photos courtesy of: King of the Hammers

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