“Bam Bam” Barcia is back at Spring Creek!

“Bam Bam” Barcia is back at Spring Creek!

Spring Creek in Millville, Minnesota marks the halfway point in the Outdoor Motocross Championship. The weekend weather was perfect for a motocross race.

When the gate dropped in the first 450 moto, Ken Roczen went down in a crash. Roczen was karted off the track by the medical team. Justin Barcia had the lead with Adam Cianciarulo chasing him down. Cianciarulo’s front tire washed out in a corner sending the rider down off the bike. Dylan Ferrandis moved into position to battle with Barcia. Barcia would take the victory. Eli Tomac managed a third-place finish. In the second 450 moto, Justin Barcia was back out front until Ken Roczen who had plenty of time to dust himself off from the first moto crash made a pass for the lead. Dylan Ferrandis and Cooper Webb tangled up in a crash on the track. Roczen pulled off a win in the second moto but it wasn’t enough as Justin Barcia grabbed the overall, salvaging his season point deficit.

In the first 250 moto, Justin Cooper was out front with the holeshot. Jeremy Martin caught Cooper and made a pass for the lead and the win. Jeremy Martin had the lead in the second moto. Six riders went down in a pile-up shortly after. Up front Michael Mosiman made a pass on Justin Cooper for 2nd place. Jeremy Martin went on to win the second moto and overall win.

Dylan Ferrandis is still way out front in the 450 points standings. Justin Cooper continues to lead Jett Lawrence in the 250 class.

Photos Courtesy Align Media

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