Scott Steinberger Named Grand Marshall for NORRA 500

Scott Steinberger Named Grand Marshall for NORRA 500

NORRA has named PCI’s Race Radios Scott Steinberger as Grand Marshall for the upcoming NORRA 500.

Scott has continued on the “Weatherman” legacy started by his father Bob Steinberger. The “Weatherman” is a critical radio link to communications in Baja, assisting racers. Steinberger has participated in NORRA since it was resurrected in 2010.

“I’ve always loved being in Baja,” says Scott. “When I raced the Baja 1000, it was always a lot of stress. You went down there, and it was always something you had to tough out. You would hope to finish, but if you didn’t your time was up. You would turn North, and go home exhausted; everything was just a blur. NORRA has the same racing challenges, but gives you several days to enjoy the entire Baja experience. You get to cherish Baja, and all the friends you make along the way. I am really proud of Mike Pearlman taking over his father’s legacy, as I have tried to do the same.”

The NORRA 500 will be held October 7th– 10th in Ensenada.

Photo: Bink Designs

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