Four Consecutive Wins Gives Tomac the Outdoor Motocross Championship Points Lead

Four Consecutive Wins Gives Tomac the Outdoor Motocross Championship Points Lead

Eli Tomac continues his winning streak with four consecutive wins after the latest round of outdoor motocross at Millville, Minnesota’s Spring Creek MX Park. Tomac now commands the season points lead by five over Chase Sexton. With the series at the halfway point, Tomac is in good championship contention as long as he continues his consistency.

In the first 450 moto, it was Eli Tomac heading up the pack despite Joey Savatgy earning the holeshot. Tomac made quick work getting the lead, leaving the battles behind him. Sexton worked his way up to Tomac’s rear tire, at one-point riding side-by-side. Sexton finally made a pass but quickly crashed on a downhill. Tomac regained the lead and never looked back. Sexton remounted and finished second with Jason Anderson third. In the second 450 moto, Savatgy again had the holeshot. Sexton and Ken Roczen battled for the other two positions. Both riders passed Savatgy to run first and second. Soon Tomac moved in for an easy pass on Roczen. The battle then focused on Sexton and Tomac. As time ticked away, Tomac made a clean move to gain the lead. Sexton kept the pressure on Tomac right through the checkered flag. Tomac had swept another weekend.

In the 250 class, it was no surprise that Jett Lawrence was out front battling with Justin Cooper. As the two attempted not to tangle into each other, Hunter Lawrence shot to the lead. Both brothers would battle right through lap traffic. Jett was back out front and kept his brother at bay with a Moto 1 victory. In Moto 2, both Lawrence brothers were back at it. A red flag would force a restart. This time Justin Cooper was out front. Jett soon made a pass for the lead. He was soon untouchable and cruised to an easy win with Jo Shimoda and Justin Cooper filling the final two podium spots.


Photos Courtesy of Align Media

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