Veloce Racing Wins Round 4 at Extreme E Hydro X Prix

Veloce Racing Wins Round 4 at Extreme E Hydro X Prix

Veloce Racing has secured their second victory of the season with a Round 4 win on their home turf at the Hydro X Prix in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. The race was held on the location of the former Glenmuckloch opencast coal mine site. The site is being renovated as a Pumped Storage Hydropwer plant, closely aligning with Extreme E’s sustainable and renewable energy mission.

Team drivers Kevin Hansen and Molly Taylor led the main race from start to finish. Behind them in second was the NEOM McLaren team who secured their second ever podium finish.

“We had a tough weekend, much tougher than Saudi Arabia. We didn’t really have anything on our side yesterday, so to finally get into the Grand Final and have all our support on GridPlay really helped. It was nice after Friday, with our double P1s in Free Practice, to come back and actually get on top! It was a huge effort from the team to pull through in such difficult conditions. They gave me full reign for an hour before the Final and quick decisions on set-up and everything. It was really cool to pull it off,” said Kevin Hansen.

The conditions were also challenging for the drivers as they had to contend with rains falling on the course.