Ultra4 USA Crowns West Series Champions in Disney, Oklahoma

Ultra4 USA Crowns West Series Champions in Disney, Oklahoma

Dubbed the “Best Dam Race of the Year” the final race of the Ultra4 West series was held in Disney, Oklahoma against the backdrop of the picturesque Grand River Dam. The course wound its way through some of the creek beds and up waterfalls along the Grand River. There were plenty of water crossings and if drivers weren’t careful the water would cause engines to seize and parts to vapor lock. Some had exactly that misfortune just yards from the finish.

In the end, Bryan Crofts came away with the 4400-class win. Crofts ran a near perfect race that put him on course for almost 2 hours, navigating through waterfalls, rock climbs and sometimes lap traffic that was stuck on the rocks. Points from the West series were totaled from April’s Big Sky race in Montana, Visions which was part of the National Series and Crandon. While Paul Wolff struggled at Disney, he had secured enough points to bring home the West championship.

Also winning a Championship was Loren Healy, driving a fun-haver Bronco. Healy also took home a first place at Disney. In the 4500 Modified Class, Duane Garretson won the championship. Cody St Claire took home a win in the class at Disney. In the 4800 Legends class, Ryan Webb struggled all season and secured his first win at Disney. Jeremy Jones who was not present at Disney already had enough points throughout the season to earn the championship. Racers were allowed one “drop race” this season. Over in the UTV classes, Robert Parker won the championship in Pro Mod while Aaron Lynch earned stock class win.

The Legends of Lake Havasu later this month will be the final event for Ultra4 as part of the National Series.

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