Larry Roeseler Determined Baja 500 Winner After both McMillins Receive Penalties

Larry Roeseler Determined Baja 500 Winner After both McMillins Receive Penalties

In what was supposed to be a McMillin one, two finish, both Luke and Andy McMillin were assessed penalties at the SCORE Baja 500. Luke finished the race physically four seconds ahead of cousin Andy. Luke received a disqualification from the race after making contact with a spectator’s campsite while veering off course. Andy was penalized 35 minutes for an unsafe pass in a speed control zone. SCORE appreciates the diligent work of the CRB in assisting in adjudicating these more challenging situations that can arise during one of our SCORE Baja races,” said Jose A. Grijalva, SCORE President and Race Director. “SCORE will continue to review and enforce the rules that are designed to keep racers, crews and spectators all safe.”
“Unfortunately, these two special decisions have impacted two of the most prominent and well-respected racers in the entire sport of desert racing and this is an example of the transparency SCORE has with the help of the CRB in these special situations.”

The penalties opened the door for 64-year old Larry Roeseler to take the win. Roeseler had a total time on course of 10 hours and 63 minutes. Roeseler has twelve Baja 500 wins dating back to 1972.

Jason McNeil finished first in the Trophy Truck spec class and Broc Dickerson was the winner in Class 1. Other wins went to Jeff Proctor driving a Honda Ridgeline in Class 7 and Branden Sims in the forced induction UTV class. Kaden Wells also took a victory in the UTV Naturally Aspirated class.

SCORE is continuing to review video of two chase trucks nearly colliding head-on with traffic on the highway during the race.

Full official results are available at

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